Technodramatists Performance Laboratory

Showcase event: AR Theater, Interactive art, experimental music

Produced by Technodramatists

June 8-21 @ Theaterlab, NYC

Error: A Comedy Of

A one-woman adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors. The award winning duo of director Noa Egozi and performer Claire Tyers merged old and new, with Tyers face-puppeting 3d versions of Comedia Del Arte masks to represent each character in The Bard’s hilarious tale of mistaken identity.


Starring: Claire Tyers

Directed by Noa Egozi

AR Design by Robert Lester

Set/Projection/Lighting Design: Kris Stone

Autokorrect: AR Improv

A rotating cast of New York’s up-and-coming comedic talent perform a repertoire of spontaneous scenes, theater games, and absurdity—all while puppeteering, controlling and interacting with an array of 3D cartoon characters, creating a completely new form of improv comedy


Performers: Chris Bouknight, Anne Veal, Patrick Williams, Donald Chang, Emily McKeown, Sarah Sixt

(Not A) Kids Play

An original one-act by playwright Reese Thompson, is a profane and deceptively profound exploration of female friendship in the internet age. The play follows two girls on their journeys from adolescence to adulthood, with their 3d avatars maturing along with them right before the audiences’ eyes.


Written by Reese Thompson

Directed by Kristin Heckler

Tech Design by Lorne Svarc

Starring Elizabeth Saunders and Gretchen Poole

Produced in collaboration with Recognize Theater

Tormented Reality

90 second looping augmented reality theatre installation, where audiences can enter the bedroom of a couple, mid-fight, and use AR screens to see both of their perspectives… and a dancing turkey.


Written by Lorne Svarc

Starring Ryan Natalino and Sarah Folkins

Musical and dance performances by

Johnny Butler and AnA Collaborations
Red Rainbow with Taylor Ennen
Carl Testa’s Sway