Our Live Augmented Performance system transforms your stage into a magical place where anything is possible. Climb out of a spaceship, crawl through the jungle, transform into a robot, light your body on fire—all right in front of your audiences’ eyes.

No need to be a software developer or a technical director. If you can use a mobile phone or tablet you can augment your show with nearly unlimited possibilities.

Virtual Sets and Props

With the push of a button you can turn your set into a lush forest or land a spaceship right in the middle of the stage. Virtual sets or props can be placed in specific locations on stage allowing actors to walk around and interact with them as if they are really there.

Motion Capture and VFX

Performers can synch their movements with 3d avatars and control special effects with their bodies, allowing actors to turn into anything from an animal to a robot to a ball of fire.

Face Sync

Actors can Puppeteer 3d avatars with their faces. Switch between or control multiple characters at once in any style, from realistic human to cartoon cow to stylized figures.

Mixed Reality

Virtual characters, costumes and props can blend seamlessly with their traditional theatrical counterparts. You can even 3d scan your performers and put clones of them in the show too!


The beauty of AR is that it’s alive and can react in the moment just like your performers. Not only can any 3d object or character be animated, they could be fully interactive, responding to an actors’ touch or movement. Plus, there’s a lot less cleanup when you make a virtual object explode!

All of our technology works in real time, so that even virtual audiences experience the ephemeral magic that is live theatre.

easy to setup, operate and transport

Includes a special rehearsal app that can be installed on iPhones so you can start developing your show right away

Fully customizable to accommodate varying budgets, venues and situations