a reality-bending livestream theatre experience


February 6th, 2021 Livestreamed on location at the Gene Frankel Theater in New York

Johnny Butler as The Poet
Alex Jenkins as The Banker
Nick Alselmo as Andreas
Anne Bates as Alibi

Set and Virtual Concept Design - Yichan Wang
Sound Engineer - Julian Picado
Associate Designer - Justina Yeung
Lead Designer - Min Kwak
Lead Technologist - Yashwanth Iragattapu
Production Manager - Emily Cauthorne
Technical Director - Hy Braverman

Composer - Johnny Butler
Choreography - AnA Collaborations (Alex Jenkins and Audrey Rachelle) and Johnny Butler

Directed by Brian Rardin
Written by Lorne Svarc
Additional Material by Olivia Brummett

Produced by Lorne Svarc and Brian Rardin
Created by Lorne Svarc

Absolute Motion - body tracking AR performance system (Technodramatists)

weARlive - the face sync performance app (Technodramatists)
Dubler Midi Microphone (Vochlea)

The entire show is created, shot and live-streamed in realtime using iPhones and iPads, without the use of motion capture suits or green screens.

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If we don’t see you soon you better have a good alibi....


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