Show Credits

Mystic AR Cabaret Popup Show

January 29th 2022

This popup show is just a sneak peak of the magic that we’ll be rolling out in a few months with the full multi-chapter interactive experience. But this little treat features emcee extraordinaire Bess Miller (understudy for Shelly Watson) and The Candy Coated Cutie, Lil Miss Lixx herself, all augmented by our live augmented performance system. Things get both physical and metaphysical.

As always, everything is live and in realtime so even though we’re virtual you get to be there for something ephemeral, serendipitous, and truly in the moment. You have never seen burlesque like this.


Bess Miller as The Muse (understudy for Shelly Watson)
Lil Miss Lixx
Gigi Bonbon

AR Design by Min Kwak and Justina Yeung

Sound Design/Engineering Francesco Gerosa

Directed by Brian Rardin

Created by Lorne Svarc