Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt Series

With The Tank NYC, in association with Novaby

Nov 2020-September 2021, across NYC’s 5 boroughs

Mananaland, envisioned by renown visual artist Pedro Reyes, manifests a utopian future where the social and political conflicts of today are a thing of the past. Told through a trans-media campaign highlighted by a series of augmented reality scavenger hunts across each of New York’s five boroughs, players experience different parts of this idyllic world while competing for the highest score in order to win original prints of Reyes’ artwork. Each hunt also has a “play space” version where anyone around the world can play the hunts from their own homes.


Conceived by Pedro Reyes

Directed by Meghan Finn

Experience Design by Lorne Svarc

Associate Production by Brian Rardin

3d Design by Novaby

Written by: Zizi Majid, Kaaron Briscoe, Katelynn Kenny, Johnny G. Lloyd, and Jason Pizzarello