Inspired by Tristen Tzara’s 1924 French Dadaist play Handkerchief of Clouds, AliBi immerses the audience in a love triangle told through fragments of movement, music and absurdity. When one of the lovers is murdered, a private investigator uses augmented reality, motion capture and voice recognition software to solve the homicide. The suspects try to dance their way out of trouble. The fourth wall collapses under the pressure. No one can be trusted. Everyone has an alibi. WHAT’S YOURS?

AliBi is Technodramatists first experiment in livestream theatre. Everything in the show, from animated characters to virtual tornadoes will be created in real time, merging the magic of special effects with the immediacy of live theatre.  

World Premiere

February 6th, 2021

Created by 
Lorne Svarc 

Directed by 
Brian Rardin 

Alex Jenkins, Johnny Butler, 
Nick Alselmo and Anne Bates

Music by 
Johnny Butler

Choreographed by 
AnA Collaborations and Johnny Butler

Additional Material Written by
Olivia Brummett  

Tech and Design by 
Yashwanth Iragattapu and Min Kwak 

Technical Direction by 
Hy Braverman


Produced by