Expanding the boundaries
of live performance

Technodramatists is an innovative theatre and live entertainment company that uses emerging technology to create unique and performative entertainment experiences.

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About Us

We harness augmented reality and emerging technology to bring engaging and entertaining stories to life.

Through technology-enabled live performance, we expand on the ephemeral magic that is the nature of theatre.

Our Tools

We bring our creativity to the development of custom performance technology to augment humans and create connections with audiences.

Working in real-time game engines including Unity3D and Unreal Engine, we have developed performance tools that cover motion capture, character design, and live animation.

COVID-19 Update

Sadly due to the current pandemic, we are not performing live in-person shows with an onsite audience, but our productivity has not slowed. 

We are in the midst of adapting and developing new material that are in line with our principles while bring you live streaming shows and experiences.

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